Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Week one - Introduction to telecommunication

Well, today is historical for me as I creates my own blog. To me, blogging is a completely new experience. There is two words to describe it , fun but time consuming.  Maybe I am a perfect order person, so I spent long time designing my blog. Actually I want to voice my appreciation to my telecommunication lecturer, Dr Dayang cause she gives me the opportunity to try something new , which suits my adventures and exploring self and personality. By the way, my first impression of Dr Dayang is that she is friendly, fun and easy to be approached ^^.
Today is the introductory class of telecommunication. Before we starts the lesson, we are given individual and group assignment. My group choose to do the topic, " Search Engine". It is no strange topic for me as I, as most of the 90's kids, is obsessed with search engine such as yahoo and goggle. Even facebook is a search engine , where we search for our friend and interest. Well, today we learn about basic definition of  telecommunication , its history and some communication model. What catches my attention is that communication is a 2 way interaction. To have an effective communication, we need to have a good media of interaction such as mediated or verbal communication. The most important thing is that the sender must grabs the attention of the receiver before getting him tuned on with the sender to enhance effective communication. In this aspect, getting feedback  is an important aspect as the receiver must voice up their view so that the sender can know whether he/ she deliver the massage in an appropriate and good way. To sum up, communication is interactive, interesting and purposeful. By the way, creating  blog is an interactive way of communication as we can reflect on our studies with our lecturer. 

Here is a funny video on history telecommunication . Enjoy ^^.


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